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Business Incorporation




In today’s business environment, organization is not solely about making a good economics returns. The global business climate has prompted a series of change of legislation frameworks, good corporate governance practices and corporate social responsibility.

As a result, the Company Secretary plays a vital role as an adviser to the Company and its Board of Directors who seek to derive financial returns while responding to perceived pressures from the market place.

The appointment of Company Secretary is statutorily required in Malaysia. He or she must be a qualified person as prescribed under Section 139A of the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965.

We provide services of Company incorporation in Malaysia. The most common type of company used is a company limited by shares; it may be incorporated as a private limited company or public limited company. You can count on our expertise for your business setting-up needs.

Our team of dedicated professionals has been assuming responsibilities in supporting our clients from various business and industries. We are at all times striving for professional competency and exhibit a high level of skill and proficiency in the performance of our duties as Company Secretarial Consultants. We provide full range of corporate secretarial works which comprises of:


  • Company incorporation
  • Company secretarial services
  • Striking off and winding up company
  • Company searches and bankruptcy searches