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Audit Firm in KL and Selangor

Many companies looking for audit firm in KL and Selangor and there are many choices available. To decide which firm to engage will depend on that company budget and agenda. For example, if the company is a public listed company (PLC), they must look for big 4 (KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and E&Y) because the most shareholders demand only big 4 can carry out the audit.




These big 4 are expensive because they are multinational firms and carry a lot of weight in term of due care, trustworthiness, goodwill and experience. Not so many companies can afford to pay the high fee charged which can reach few millions easily.



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Therefore, many non-PLC will choose medium size audit firm in KL that can perform similar task with lower fee. Few established brand that can be found in town such as Empire Consulting, BDO, Grant Thornton, Russell Bredford, KHR and Jamal Amin & Partner. These medium size firms may perform audit on few public listed and multinational companies but the big percentage of their clients are small to medium size companies. The competency of their staffs is at par with the big 4 but due to lower salary, their staffs might move to big 4 for better pay after 1-2 year work. Staffs turnover in big 4 or medium size firms are very high due to the nature of the job which is very demanding in term of hard-work, dedication, competency and interest. Many staffs left after spending 2-3 years in the audit firm due to burn out from long working hours or better prospect in the commercial sector.


From my own experience, I have practice both in big 4 and medium size firm and I noticed that big 4 will protect their goodwill as much as possible meanwhile the medium size firm concentrate more on retaining their client due to high competition in the market. However, office politic in big 4 are worse than medium size firm because the organisation are big which resulted many groups are formed in the office. The learning curve in big 4 is slower than medium size because in medium size, staffs will carry their duties from A – Z themselves.


If you interested to hire any audit firm, my advise is that look for the main reason why you need to engage that audit firm. If your reason is to obtain public trust, then you may opt for big 4. If your reason is to ensure that you comply with companies law, you may choose medium size firm and can negotiate for lower fee easily.  Give them a call and ask for quotation and those audit firm in KL will happily assist you and cater for your need.




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